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CRC Tier II Candidate Vision Presentation

Tuesday, 11th April 2017 9:00 am
Where: E2-150 EITC

Dr. Lorenzo Livi

E2-150 EITC

Vision Presentation


Nowadays it is possible to monitor large-scale complex systems involving the interaction of a multitude of elements. A prominent example is provided by the brain and the possibility to simultaneously record the activity of many neurons from multiple electrodes. Usually, the underlying data generating processes are also time-varying, meaning that the parameters controlling the system behavior vary over time. Therefore, modern data analysis techniques should accommodate the need to represent data with complex data structures capable to encode spatio-temporal information. In this talk, I will first introduce a 5-year research plan addressing such issues. Sucessively, I will discuss about the organization of research. In particular, I will comment on the research group I intend to form, how to attract additional research funds, and how I plan to interact with the three Departments involved in the CRC position.

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