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Erin Chambers

Tuesday, 28th November 2017 1:00 pm
Where: EITC E2-304

Title: Burning the Medial Axis

Speaker: Dr. Erin Chambers, Department of Computer Science, Saint Louis University

Erin Chambers
The medial axis plays a fundamental role in many shape matching and analysis, but is widely known to be unstable to even small boundary perturbations.  Methods for pruning the medial axis are usually guided by some measure of significance, with considerable work done for both 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. However, the majority of significance measures over the medial axis are locally defined, and hence are unable to recognize more global topological features, or are difficult to compute and sensitive to perturbations on the boundary.  In this talk, I will present recent work done in 2d and 3d to compute a new significance measure on the medial axis, which we call the burn time function.  Using this function, we are able to generalize the classical notion of erosion thickness measure over the medial axes of 2D shapes. We demonstrate the utility of these shape significance measures in extracting clean, shape-revealing and topology-preserving skeletons in 2 and 3D which are robust to noise on the boundary.  To conclude, I will also discuss future directions and applications of this work.
(This talk is based on prior joint work with Tao Ju, David Letscher, Lu Liu, Kyle Sykes, and Yajie Yan.)
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