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Dr. Celine Latulipe

Monday, 21st January 2019 9:40 am
Where: E2-528 EITC

HCI to Support Creatives and Caregivers

In this talk I will present HCI research that involves the design, implementation and evaluation of creativity support systems and I will also present a newer research thread that involves studying aging adults’ interactions with increasingly critical online systems, such as healthcare portals, online banking and government systems. In terms of support for creatives, I will discuss the NSF funded Dance.Draw project and the research outcomes generated from this interdisciplinary work. I will present the Creativity Support Index, a metric I developed to help evaluate creativity support systems and the Design Space Explorer, a system for researchers to plot both existing and potential research solutions. In terms of HCI support for aging, I will present some results from an NIH funded project that is investigating barriers to use for older adults with access to hospital patient portals. This research has led to a new project on modeling proxy account access so that older adults can officially assign proxies for their online system interactions. I will end the talk with a brief description of a separate thread of research on Computer Science Education.
This speaker is a candidate for a tenure-track position in the Department of Computer Science.
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