My pictureAn IT Professional specialized in: Requirements gathering, Interface prototyping, User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design, Usability testing, Software testing, Statistical analysis, Experimental evalution, Human factors and ergonomics.   

A Dog Tail for Robots

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In this project, we designed a robotic dog tail prototype to leverage people's general understanding of dogs and their tails (e.g., tail wagging means happy) for investigating how different tail behaviours can be used to convey abstract affective states of a robot. Further, we developed a set of tested design guidelines which can be leveraged by Human-Robot Interaction designers to convey affective states of their robots in an easy to understand way, to help people decide when and how to interact with a robot.

A Touchscreen Interface for Controlling a Robotic Arm

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In this project, we designed a touchscreen interface for the remote control of a multi-degree of freedom robot arm to reduce task load and fatigue. We conducted a controlled user study to compare our interface to an existing commercial keypad interface. Results of this study suggested that our interafce was easier to use, required less cognitive task load, and enabled people to complete tasks more quickly.