About Us

WICS is here to build a stronger community between both women and men in STEM, as well as to encourage more women into the computer science field! As such, our group is inclusive to all students who wish to champion our goals.

We are constantly working on projects outside of the classroom and have shown major interest in web and application development. In fact, this very website was created by our WICS members using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Bootstrap!

We have also put a main focus on encouraging elementary and junior high students into the Computer Science field and have been using the website Hour of Code to help kids gain the skills to already start programming on their own! We have already visited multiple schools, such as Windsor Elementary School and Carman Collegiate. Other schools are welcome to contact us by email at uofmwics@gmail.com!

And if you're a student here at University of Manitoba, please join our group to be a part of cool coding projects, outreach days, and fun extracurricular activities!