Code Camp launched to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of women in technology.
With the Kode with Klossy Career Scholarship, you complete over 700 lessons and solve hundreds of labs to gain a mastery of programming fundamentals as well as build fully functioning web apps and a massive digital portfolio of your skills on GitHub.
Offers beginner-friendly workshops for adults who want to learn computer programming and other technical skills in a social, collaborative way.

Coding for Beginners

Tons of online courses to help beginners get a start with many popular languages and technologies.
One hour coding tutorials for most ages and abilities.
Free online interactive language tutorials, using short and effective exercises.

Intermediate Coding

Free online university courses in areas such as databases, automata theory, networking and more.
Basically tutorials on everything ever.


Git and Github tutorial for beginners.
Step by step tutorial on making your first android app.


Most popular front end library.
Another snazzy and easy to use front end library.