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NPR Raytracer (2005-present):

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A Blobtree add-on using a particle system to create sketch-like renderings.

Detailed Project Page

Ergonomic Music (2005-2007):

User playing an Ergonomic Instrument

Discussion of what makes an instrument ergonomic and a prototype implementation.

Detailed Project Page

Dustin van Gerven and JAMES E. YOUNG. Ergonomic Music: Where Does it fit in? Departmental technical report 2007-850-02, 2007, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada.

Radiosity (2007):

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Patch-based openGL Radiosity solution.

GPU Shaders (2007):

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Implementations of several lighting and shading models using hardware GPU shaders.

AudioLens (2006):

Screenshot of System

Spatial audio mixing from various sources, where icons represent instruments and size/rotation of icon represents properties.

Musical Bands (2006):

Screenshot of system

Use multiple mice to pluck these musical bands and create earth-shattering music!

Raytracer (2005):

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Forwards raytracer implementation with several primitives and octtree optimisation.