Prospective Students

Potential graduate students

I currently have funding for one strong graduate student at either the PhD or MSc levels to work in my research area.

How to apply and Entrance Requirements

Email is the best way to contact me. Make sure to include the following

  • confirmation that you have read this page. You should also have looked through my research and my publications
  • a brief overview of your academic history and accomplishments, including GPA
  • a brief description and discussion on topics of interest to you, and, how they relate to my research area
  • attach a complete CV and, if available, your transcripts
  • contact information for at least two references - email and telephone

If I am interested in your application I will generally arrange a phone or Skype meeting. If I offer you a position, then you need to follow the procedures posted at the department website and the faculty of graduate studies.


As students are expected to apply for funding, you need to apply to the program well ahead of schedule.

  • September start
    • International Students - January 1
    • Canadian Students - January 1
  • January start
    • International Students - May 1
    • Canadian Students - Oct 1

Money Issues

Funding is competitive and generally not guaranteed. I have limited support available through my own research grants. This is discussed on an individual basis. You should be prepared to apply for your own funding, GPA and prior publication experience are the primary factors in receiving support.

Most students find the above levels of funding to be more than adequate to live in Winnipeg.

Being a Researcher in My Group

Students in my group achieve first-class international publications and recognition. As such, you will receive strong mentorship and training, but will also be expected to work exceptionally hard to achieve this. Successful students attend international conferences to present their work, where the travel is fully supported through various research grant programs.

Students become an integrated lab member and are assigned a dedicated work space in a shared lab. Everyone attends weekly group meetings where they present their research and give input on others' work, and students work together to develop research and polish their papers. Further, our group works closely with two other groups in the HCI group, creating many opportunities for collaboration. My lab also has a strong connection with Japan, and students have in the past managed to establish lengthy internships in Tokyo and Sendai.

Here are some resources about student housing and student life in general. Also, Dr. Gerald Gwinner has some great photos of the campus, and tourism Winnipeg has more information about living in the city.